¡Hot Queso!

by The Los Hot Quesos

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The debut record from garage punk cheesemongers The Los Hot Quesos is at times sharp, tangy, soft, semi-soft, supple and hard with semi-hard textures. Cultured from the liquid remains of two great Bronx punk bunds, ZipGun and Lightning Crabs.


released June 21, 2019

Recorded in November/December 2018 at Exeter Recordings in Freehold, N.J.

Mixed and Mastered by Joe Dell'Aquila at Exeter Recordings.

All songs by the Los Hot Quesos except "Communist Radio" by the Eat.

Art by Adam.

Thanks to all the Bronx Backyarders, the Eat, Joe the master and the hardworking international cheesemakers both small and grand.


all rights reserved



The Los Hot Quesos Bronx, New York

The Los Hot Quesos are a garage punk band from the Bronx (and that one dude in Connecticut!)

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Track Name: Introducing
Introducing the Los Hot Quesos!!
Track Name: Bugs
i got bugs in my eyes
got bugs in my veins
i got bugs in the holy holey parts
of my brain

i can see them
i can feel them
i can hear them
buzzing inside of me

cockroaches in my mouth
boll weevils in my ears
there’s a tiny piece of me that’s been
a stink bug for years

i got 1-2-3-4-5-6 legs and i hop and i buzz
Track Name: Mr. Seatbelt
mister! seatbelt! mister! seatbelt! 
mister seatbelt, hold me tight
i just want to get home tonight
red, yellow, green, go the lights
this car keeps swerving, to the right
headlights glaring, in the night
the fucking blue ones
they're way too bright!
Track Name: Samurita
just you wait and see
i’ll be your misery
when day is done
then you’ll know your time has come
my code is blood for blood
slay beasts in swill and mud
and feast of flesh my
revenge will taste the best

born in the claws of a violent itch
i was healed but the anger done burst the stitch
now i’m here to cut and bleed ya
cause i’m the girl named samurita

you thought you could run
but my eye’s the rising sun
it's not what you thought
it’s more than you bargained for
and peace by peace you’ll pay
and for death you will pray
but you're a fool
your death will not come soon
Track Name: Down
when i die, i hope it's on a sunday
so i can hear all them angels singing
but i know they're not singing for me
my soul they're beginning to take on down


they're all bringing me


they're all bringing me


you're all bringing me down

well i know i'll never be clean in the eyes of the lord
'cause i was born with lust in my heart
i'm avarice and a glutton for drink
and i can feel my soul begin to sink on down
Track Name: Spacegirl
spacegirl, i miss your face
but you're out in outer space
spacing around

spacegirl, hop on your rocket
or ride a comet
back to me, come back to me!

welcome back, spacegirl

spacegirl, i want to explore your body
and defy gravity
with a big bang

spacegirl, next time you're leaving, i'm going to be waiting on that launchpad with my arms out singing
Track Name: ¡Hot Queso!
feelin' hungry
nothin' around
walk to the bodega
there's cheese in town

hot queso! hot queso!

walk it home
open some chips
microwave it
you've got dip

hot queso! hot queso!

feelin' sorry for yourself
it's warm inside
if nothin' else!

hot queso! hot queso!
Track Name: Who Bomb
who bomb you bomb who bomb who? you bomb who bomb who bomb you? you bomb who bomb you bomb you? bomb bomb ba-bomb ba-bomb ba-bomb ba-bomb bomb bomb ba-bomb ba-bomb ba-bomb ba-bomb bomb bomb ba-bomb ba-bomb ba-bomb ba-bomb bomb five four three two one
Track Name: Fukushima Surf
let's go out
catch the latest craze
we're shootin' curls
of nuclear waves

c'mon everybody, let's fukushima surf

swim out in to
neon green paste
shootin' curls
of nuclear waste

c'mon everybody, let's fukushima surf
Track Name: Communist Radio
Originally by The Eat (Michael O'Brien)

i walked out on the indian ocean
i wore boots but they did not show
i got caught gettin' caught in a motion

communist radio

i got ties to the chinese nation
i got friends that i do not know
i got all kinds of bad relations

communist radio
all over the world

i got friends down in costa rica
see guerilla wanna rock n roll
i got a friend or two in tanzania
if you ever wanna feeling' fine now
if you ever feel the need to know
keep on playing that socialist line now

communist radio
all over the world
Track Name: Hot Rod Vampire
what’s black
and white
and red all over?

all day
highways at night

melts tires
& he’s melting hearts

sharp teeth,
sharper car
“that thing cuts!”

“yo what year is that?"
“dang that’s a classic!”

stick shift
your skull
into 5th gear

bat wing
tail fins
on an el camino

here i come!

tail pipe
spews blood
“is that a turbo?”

“what do you call a close race between two hot rod vampires?”
“neck and neck”

gimme blood, gimme speed
i need blood, i need speed

“this sucks”
Track Name: Burn the Backyard Down
i got the number one spot and im on second to last
time to kick these jams out baby and shake a little ass
i got a string of black cats hanging from my belt
light me up dance with me we're gonna heat up hell

burn the backyard down
ba-ba-ba-burn it

got gasoline and kerosene soaking through this stage
strychnine and whiskey coarsing through my veins
i got 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 sparklers on fire
on my count push it to 11 blow all

burn the backyard down
ba-ba-ba-burn it

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